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The HiFi studio was born in 1976 under the influence of Denis Beau, a young man from Versailles interested in very high fidelity.

He opened a first store and then a second at 20 rue au Pain. Unique place with its three auditoriums and link  unfailing with the Versaillese for half a century. 

Joined by Lionel and then by Jorge the store becomes an institution.

2021, the StudioHiFi changes address evolves and grows.

Established in new listening rooms with “10 living rooms like at home”. 

Welcome to studioHiFi:  High Fidelity for Music Lovers 

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Our Mission, decoding High Fidelity

Every month, every week, every day LeStudioHiFi brings you a reliable understanding of high fidelity with the best "music reproduction" equipment in the era of time. But also The keys to listening to material without compromise or compensation and this with the best musical homogeneity. 

The HiFi studio also has the task of anticipating the consequences of the current crisis on brands and manufacturers. What new models are planned by one brand or another? Is the business climate improving in France and abroad? What about extended pre-order deadlines?

You can count on our salespeople to answer these questions. And on their listening analyzes

to enlighten your thoughts.

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